Transfer Students

Select ONE competition below, and down click the arrow to read the guidelines. All competitions should be completed individually.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design: 

Objective: Develop and design an 11×17” concert poster.

Assignment: Using preferred available computer software, participants will design an 11×17” concert poster geared toward the promotion of a concert event. 

Provided Materials: Access to computer lab, Graphic Design software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Canva), Assets for the design (photographs and logo), UWA faculty and student guides

Judging Criteria: Designs will be judged on creativity, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch: 

Objective: Write and verbally present a sales pitch for a product to a panel of judges.

Assignment: Participants will be provided with a product during conference check-in paired with available research about the impact/use of the product. Participants will write/develop a sales pitch presentation that will last no more than two (2) minutes. Participants will present the sales pitch to a live panel of judges. The provided product may be used as a visual aid for the presentation. 

Provided Materials: A sample product and research about the use/impact of that product

Judging Criteria: Sales presentations will be judged on persuasion, creativity, and presentation skills.