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Commercial Photography

IMC3 2020 Virtual Competition Commercial Photography Instructions

Materials Needed: 

  • Commercial Product to Photograph: Participants must photograph any household cleaning product for this competition
  • Any device with a camera (phone, tablet, camera)
  • Any available photo editing software or app

The purpose of commercial photography is to capture an image of a product in a way that it could be published in a sales or marketing publication (think magazine print ad). All submissions must be turned in by April 22, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.- early submissions are acceptable. Submissions can be uploaded to the dropbox link provided on the UWA website. Cropped photos are eligible. Minor adjustments, including spotting, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast, and slight color adjustment, are acceptable for this competition. 

    To submit an entry, each participant will submit TWO photographs to the Dropbox link provided to you using the following guidelines: 

    Photos should be saved as a JPG

    Save the file with studentfirstnamestudentlastname.jpg. For Example, amyjones.jpg 


Crisis Management PR

Crisis Management/Public Relations Competition

Scenario: Congratulations, you are the head of the public relations team of a famous fast-food brand. The brand has locations all over the country and is well known for its values: quality, competitive prices, and integrity. 

A famous influencer posted this morning an Instagram Story that went viral. Her husband found a worm in his <Extra Hot Chicken Sandwich>. His face when discovering the worm is already a meme. 

The <Extra Hot Chicken Sandwich> is the best-seller of the brand. More than one million people have posted on social media to ask for answers regarding this event. All of the comments are negative. 

You have to come up with a solution to this crisis in three points:

1: Why do you think this post could be considered a crisis for the brand?

2: What will be your primary goal when handling this issue?

3: Develop the actions your team will take:

-two short term actions (the day after the incident)

-two medium-term actions (during the week following the post)

-one long-term action (during the month following the event)

Good luck with handling this crisis! In your response, think about all of the platforms you can use. For example, you can post on social media (which ones?), publish on your website, release press releases, print posters for the stores, share a new slogan on TV…you can develop all of the actions you think will suit the situation best. You can write your three-part plan using any type of software you have at your disposal (Microsoft Word, notes on your phone, etc.).

Instructions for Submission:

Competitors will have until 4:00pm on Wednesday, April 22 to submit a response to the crisis scenario. Submissions can be uploaded via the provided Dropbox link on the website. 


Graphic Design Competition

IMC3 2020

Graphic Design Competition Instructions

IMC Proctors: Greg Jones, Jada Baxter, Christina Pruitt 

Assignment: Participants will be presented with a 15-minute lecture (via link) about graphic design standards. It is important that all participants carefully follow those lecture instructions. Following the presentation, participants will be asked to design a movie poster using the program you have access to (Adobe InDesign, Publisher, Canva, etc.). On the Dropbox link provided there will be an IMC3 Assets Folder available to you, supplying all the assets needed for this competition. Participants will have from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on April 22. 2020 to create the 8.5×11 poster.

IMPORTANT LINK: Follow this link for a full video and proctor from Greg Jones. This link walks you through the entire process and is necessary to complete the competition.

Movie Titles: Using the assets in the Dropbox labeled “Graphic Design” make a movie poster with the following movie title:

  • Sixty or 60

Saving Your File: When saving the file, each student will save their work as a .jpg to the submission Dropbox. Each student will name their file with IMC3 and the contestant name (Ex. IMC3–JohnSmith)

Notes to Remember: 

Contrast: Make the most important elements stand out on your design. This increases visibility, importance, and understanding.

Repetition: Repeat visual elements (colors, fonts, shapes, etc.) across the design to create a strong unified set of visuals.

Alignment: Nothing should be placed by accident. Placement shows relationships between elements and gives your design a visual appeal.

Proximity: Related items should be placed together.


Portrait Photography

Models: Student may use any person/animal for the portrait competition 

Submission Date/Time: April 22,2020 at 4:00 p.m. (early submissions are acceptable)

UWA Proctors: Ma’Kiyah Hall and TJ Hutchinson

IMC3 2020 Virtual Competition Portrait Photography Instructions

Materials Needed: In addition to a model to feature in your portrait photos, participants will need the following materials:

    Participants will be permitted to use any device with a camera that is available to him/her (phone, iPad, Camera). 

    Editing software of your choosing. (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Instasize Photo Editor, or apps)


    Students will capture the true essence of a person/ animal through the art form of photography.

    Choose TWO photos to edit: Cropped photos are eligible. Minor adjustments, including spotting, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast, and slight color adjustment, are acceptable for this competition. Students may edit with the software program of their choice (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Instasize Photo Editor).


To submit an entry, each participant will submit TWO photographs to the Dropbox link provided to you using the following guidelines: 

    Photos should be saved as a JPG

    Save the file with studentfirstnamestudentlastname.jpg. For Example, amyjones.jpg

Judging Criteria: Submissions will be judged on concept/idea, composition/ design, technical excellence, emotional impact, and creativity/originality. 

Note: If you have trouble submitting your work through the Dropbox link provided, you may email your photographs to Dr. Amy Jones at [email protected]. 

Radio Advertising

IMC3 2020 Virtual Competition 

Radio Advertising 

UWA Proctor: Jessica Lee

Event Overview:

    •    Students will read the 30-second radio advertising script (provided on the 2nd page) for an estate jewelry event the day of the competition.

    •    Students are asked to submit their best take of the advertisement to the Dropbox link that will be provided the day of the competition on the website.

Event Instructions:

    •    Students will record themselves (voice only) on any electronic device of their choice (i.e. voice memo on cellphone).

    •    When the student has the final take of the 30-second ad recorded, he/she will submit their best take to the Dropbox link provided by 4:00pm on Wednesday, April 22. 

    •    Students will save the voice recording with the student’s first & last name along with the words radio ad (i.e. jessicaleeradioad)

    •    If the student encounters trouble submitting the recording through the Dropbox link provided, they may email it to Dr. Amy Jones at [email protected]

Disclaimer : If students have no other means but to record themselves on camera that is fine. Judges will only be judging the actual advertisement (student’s voice).



Radio Advertising Script

One day only! Hull Estate Jewelry Event!

Vintage, contemporary, and antique estate jewelry. 

Vintage engagement rings, pearls, antique cut diamonds, bold gold, exotic colored gems, and much more gathered from around the world. 

Feast your eyes on jewels from the past and present!

Jewels that not only tell a story but echo beauty and are just lovely to wear.

So come join us to view rare and unique Hull Estate Jewelry collection pieces at 1545 Emerald Coast Parkway … 

Where elegance and style meet!

TV Anchoring

IMC3 2020

Television Anchoring 

Competition Instructions 

Proctors: Jessica Lee and Summer Abston

Time Allotted: 9AM-4PM on April 22nd

Judging Criteria:  The participants will be judged on articulation and tone of voice between each news briefing. They will also be judged on professional presentation of the script given. 

Competition Details:  Participants will record a video of themselves reading the provided anchor script. Participants can print the script or use a digital script on a device in front of them (participants may even tape the printed script to the bottom of a camera to mimic the effect of a teleprompter). The script is included in the competition materials. Students will have until 4 PM to upload the video to Dropbox on the website. If video files are too large to upload, participants should consider uploading the video file to YouTube, and then pasting the YouTube link on a Word Document. The word Document can then be uploaded to Dropbox. 

Reminder:  At the end of your video, please sign off using the phrase, “I’m (your name), and this is IMC3. 

TV Anchoring Script Final

Social Media

Social Media Campaign Competition 2020 

Time Allotted: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 22

Materials Needed: Students will need access to a personal Instagram account on a device (smartphone or tablet) and their account must be public the day of the competition. 

Assignment: Students will use their personal Instagram account to promote social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Students must submit one Instagram post. This post can be one picture or multiple pictures. Students can also use stories, but it is not mandatory. They must use the hashtags #IMC32020 and #IMCChoseMe

Submissions: Instructions will be live on April 22, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. on the website and participants must post to Instagram before 4:00 p.m. CST the same day. Submissions will be found under either #IMC32020 or #IMCChoseMe on Instagram. Participants can only post once.   

Judging Criteria: Use of information, creativity and originality of posts, and meeting deadline 


  • Your post will include picture(s), a caption, and the hashtags #IMC32020 and #IMCChoseMe
  • You can only submit one post. Your use of the hashtags will be the submission.  
  • You can also use Instagram stories, but they are not mandatory. 
  • Your submission must be posted before 4:00 p.m. CST on April 22. 
  • If your Instagram account is not under your legal name (first and last name), include your name in the post for judging purposes